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5 Hunting Accessories Grandpa Didn’t Have (But Would’ve Loved!)

What was hunting like 50 years ago when it was a hunter, instinct, and a gun? We’ve come a long way over the last 20-30 years. Hunting accessories have gotten smarter and more accessible to the average hunter.

12.5 million people over 16 hunt each year. Hunting is a $22.9 billion industry. The right hunting accessories can transform an ordinary hunt into an adventure.

Let’s explore 5 must-have hunting tools that Grandpa wishes he had.

1) Firefly Wind Detector

This compact device incorporates advanced technology to determine wind direction — no wet fingers in the air required.

It’s capable of detecting even the slightest changes. Taking 512 readings per second, it’s accurate and up-to-date.  It combines these readings into a summarized report that helps guide your hunt or wildlife watch.

You can’t get this kind of accuracy through skill alone. Using hunting accessories like this is like having superhuman senses.

Always know which way the wind blows with Firefly.

2) Burris Eliminator

Burris’ motto is “Range ’em and ‘Eliminate ’em.” Build this rangefinder and ballistic calculator right into the scope.

Before your hunt, pre-program the ballistics info into the device, indicating rifle/cartridge combination. Then, with just the press of a button, a red dot appears within the crosshairs.

Center that dot on your target and squeeze. It’s really that easy.

Experiencing some crazy wind velocity and movement? No worries. The Eliminator compensates automatically.

Program your hunting GPS, strap on your rifle and get out there and eliminate ’em with the Burris.

3) Thermacell

As an avid hunter you know who your number one enemy out there is. It’s not bears. It’s not those gnarly roots that like to hide under loose leaves and trip you up any chance they get.

It’s the mosquitoes and other nasty little insects that bite, irritate and block your vision.

Get rid of them without alerting your prey with the odorless gas cartridges within the Thermacell. Battery-less and easy to carry, you’ll find that Thermacell is worth every penny.

4) Head-Loc Quiver

Maybe you like to do things old school but in a whole new way. This bow quiver is the next generation of quivers as it addresses common challenges archers face:

  • Added weight
  • Additional vibration
  • Unsteadiness
  • Snag

This quiver’s sleek design and easy tree-mounting capability combine with ultimate noise and vibration reduction to help you make the surest shot every time.

5) Xplat

Hunting today wouldn’t be hunting if there weren’t an app for that. We know Grandpa’s jealous about this one.

Xplat software takes a lot of the calculations out of hunting to help you get the perfect shot.

Xplat utilizes historical data to evaluate your hand-loaded or factory ammunition’s ballistics. Figure out the max range limit for a certain type and size animal. It analyses the:

  • Drop
  • Wind drift
  • Velocity
  • Sectional density
  • Ballistic co-efficiency
  • Trajectory

If this is all Greek to you, then maybe you’ve been winging it for too long. This $4 app can change your whole hunting experience.

Hunting Accessories Make the Hunt

We won’t say that accessories make the hunter. You still need skill, patience and endurance to make the kill.

But they do completely transform the experience by complementing your natural and learned abilities to make you a better hunter — and improve the hunt.

What would you add to accessories that Grandpa wishes he had? Comment below.


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