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I LOVE My Coleman Instant Screenhouse

First, a little back story...I had a different Coleman tent that I loved, Loved, LOVED. It survived years of brutal winds and rain, including a full-on hit from Hurricane Patricia that should have sent it to the grave.

Every time we moved to a new location, I'd pull out my trusty, rusty tent and Ed would tell me to get rid of it. He didn't even want to give it away because he thought it might be a liability.

When I set it up in Casa Grande, right before Christmas, I rolled my eyes and conceded that he could get me a new tent for Christmas.Coleman Instant Screenhouse

So, for Christmas, Ed "Surprised" me with a Coleman Instant Screenhouse.

The word "Instant" immediately made me leery. I had dealt with instant things before, and I had come to associate it with bad food and rickety everything else.

Ed beamed and said proudly, "It's a Coleman, just like your last one. But, it sets up in under a minute."

For a moment, I though my husband forgot who he was talking to.

Even though I had set up and taken down my old tent, scores of times, it always took me a bit of time to get it set up. Damn it, Jim...I'm an online product developer, not a professional contractor.

I slowly took the tent out of the bag. (Probably slower than necessary, just to show Ed what a chore it was going to be.) Then, as instructed, I laid it out, unfolded and extended the legs, snapped the little doohickeys on the whatchamacallits, and...yeah...It took about a minute.

So now, I have a new favorite tent. Sure, it doesn't have the history and character of the old one, but it also isn't covered in Gorilla tape and doesn't leave splinters in my fingers. It's all a trade-off.

What happened to the old tent?

When you live in RV parks, you can always find a home for old stuff, and my tent was no exception. I gave it to Randy, who maintained the park, and he said he'd find a place for it.

"But," I said, as I loaded it into the back of his truck. "My husband said to make sure you don't tell anyone where it came from..."

Coleman Instant Canopy
tent with lights


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