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Top 5 Things You Should Bring for Awesome Outdoor Adventures

Imagine this scenario: you’re camping out in the middle of the desert, and the sun is starting to go down. You’re instantly overcome with dread when you remember that the desert can get very cold overnight, and you forgot your coat.

Amazing outdoor adventures are not complete without the proper accessories to protect, sustain and entertain you. Here are some things you can’t forget to bring along for an outdoor experience:

Best Items for Outdoor Adventures

A Knife

For an adventurer, a knife has many uses. You can use it to cut twigs and narrow pieces of wood to build a fire. If you will be fishing, you can use a pocket knife to cut the line and gut the fish.

If you anticipate the possibility of danger, a knife can also be a great self-defense tool. Sometimes, just brandishing a knife can scare off potential predators.

A Journal

You want to be able to remember your outdoor adventures, and the best way to do that is to write them down at the end of the day. Although you can capture moments with a camera, a journal helps you capture emotions.

Write about what you did and what you saw that day. Be detailed about how it made you feel. If you are comfortable sharing it, a journal can be a chronicle of your adventures for generations.

A Watch

Watches are increasingly falling out of fashion because a vast majority of people tell time with their cell phones. But some adventurers opt to take trips to remote areas and will not be able to charge their phones.

For this reason, a watch is essential for you to be able to orient yourself during your expeditions. Depending on where you will be going, you should choose a watch that is suitable for high altitudes or underwater.

You should also purchase a watch that comes with a compass. If you are ever alone in the wilderness, this can be a lifesaver.

Portable Food

You need to sustain your body during your outdoor adventures. Depending on your level of fitness, fatigue can set in very quickly, and you want to make sure your body can keep going.

Dried fruit, granola bars, and beef jerky are great sources of energy for your travels. They are easy to carry and packed with nutrients.

You should also carry drinking water with you. Staying hydrated is key to survival in remote areas.

The Right Outerwear

When having fun in the great outdoors, you should always be prepared for anything. Pack layers like sweaters and jackets you can easily remove when it is warm outside. Wear the right shoes or boots for the type of excursion you will be doing.

If you are going on a biking adventure, make sure you have safety equipment. Inflation Zone is a good resource for all things you’ll need for your bike.

Finally, keep track of the weather conditions in the area you will be visiting. You never know when things can take a turn for the worst, and you want to be ready with the right accessories when the worst happens.

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