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5 Fun Camping Activities For Adults You Haven’t Thought To Try

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Hike, eat, sleep, repeat. Hike, eat, sleep, repeat. Hike, eat, sleep, repeat.

Camping activities for adults can get pretty boring if you’re doing the same things you’ve always done. You’re one more John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt from losing your head and letting out all that steam you’re here to blow off on the nearest person; friend or foe.

Luckily for you, we’ve got five fun, new camping activities for you to add to your pack.

Conversational Camping Activities for Adults

No doubt you’ve played truth or dare or would you rather when you were younger, but have you given them another go as an adult? You might be surprised by the answers the friends you’ve known the longest give in these great, traditional icebreakers. For truth or dare, we have each player take a turn spinning the bottle and asking the questions.

Some examples truths; what’s your biggest regret? Tell us about your most recent romantic encounter.

Some example dares; curse like a sailor for 20 minutes. Make every person in the group smile, don’t stop until everyone is cracking smiles.

If you need more inspiration for truth or dare, we’ve got you covered.

Drinking Games

Sevens is a great game, that sounds deceptively easy, but I promise you it’s not.

Get into a circle and start counting. The first person begins with 1, the second with 2 and so on. Any number that contains a seven or a multiple of seven must be clapped instead of spoken.


Make a mistake or hesitate too long, you drink. Obviously, these games are camping activities for adults only.

Active Games

There’s so much room for activities out here! Make the most of the great outdoors by taking part in a few active games such as hide and seek or capture the flag. They’re great as adult camping activities because they bring you back to your childhood.

Adding a forfeit for the losers will add a level of competitiveness you thought you had left behind long ago.

Adult Activities

You’re not a child and you don’t want to act like one. You want to do some serious adulting when you’re out camping. Well, we’ve got the perfect suggestion for you; building a fire!

We’re not talking about lighters and matches here. No, we mean primitive techniques like feather sticks and bow drills. Not only is it fun to do, it’s useful to know should you ever find yourself without matches.

Bring the Outdoors Nearer to Home

Maybe you’re looking for something different. You love the outdoors but can’t find the time for serious hiking anymore. You need the great outdoors brought nearer.

The British have a term, Countryman, for gentlemen who partake in leisurely activities outside of the towns and cities of England. One of countrymen’s favorite activity is clay pigeon shooting.

Why not take advantage of some clay shooting near you. When you improve your clay shooting, you improve your ability to hunt. Think of it as an investment in the culinary delights of your future camping trips.

Let’s Get Camping

So, there you have it, five old and new camping activities for adults. From the childhood familiarity of truth or dare and would you rather, to the hangover-inducing, deceptively challenging sevens.

Finding your friends in a game of hide and seek, to fanning the flame of a fire the way a neanderthal would have been forced to and finally, bring your hike to your weekly routine with some clay shooting.

If you’re planning an adult camping trip, check out our seven reasons why romantic camping is where it’s at.

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