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5 Must-Have Tips for Camping at Night

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Is there anything better than a relaxed weekend outside the city with some of your favorite people?

We can’t think of anything!

But before you head for the hills make sure you read our 5 must-have tips for camping at night so you can make the best of your excursion!

#1. Water, Water, Water

Dehydration is the biggest hazard of any camping excursion. And though this tip might seem obvious and redundant recent research recorded over 500,000 patients were hospitalized for dehydration in a one year period.

A rule of thumb is a gallon of water per day per person. But you should plan on doubling that amount if you’re camping in the desert or if you have any physically tolling activities planned.

You are always better safe than sorry when it comes to packing water.

#2. Go Stargazing When Camping At Night

Camping at night provides the best opportunity for stargazing because of the general lack of artificial light, but the desert is a step above the rest. The lack of trees provides unobstructed views all year round.

Here are a few other tips to help you make the most of your perfect stargazing opportunity.

  • Use Red Lights: Cover your flashlights, phone screens, or other lights with a layer of red cellophane to make sure that the bright white lights they emit don’t keep your eyes from being able to see smaller stars.
  • Keep Your Eyes High and Low: While all your attention might be focused on the heavens, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the nocturnal animals (scorpions, snakes, and coyotes, oh my!) that come out in the cooler nighttime temperatures.
  • Check Your Calendar: Bright moonlight can reduce visibility of the night sky. Coordinate your trip around the phases of the moon where it appears for a shorter amount of time or smaller. But another reason to check the calendar is for meteor showers or other events.

#3. Have Planned Activities

Don’t let your overnight camping trip turn into a smelly, prolonged sleepover. Make sure that you have planned daytime activities so you can enjoy the more relaxed activities involved in camping at night.

Whether you plan a scenic hike, a rock climb, or a desert safari, you won’t be sorry to have a fun activity during the day to pass the time till you can kick back next to the campfire at night.

#4. Don’t Be Fooled By Those Warm Daytime Temperatures

A huge common mistake is that campers only pack clothing and gear based off of the projected daytime temperatures.

If you make the same mistake, you’ll be sorry!

Desert temperatures can drop drastically at night due to lack of insulative vegetation. Wind speeds can seem more severe as well because of the open space and minimal wind-breaking trees.

Pack some additional layers and a warm sleeping bag so you don’t suffer when camping at night.

#5. Don’t Skimp on the Food

There’s no use denying it! When you think of camping overnight, you see a cluster of chairs around a fire and everyone’s got a roasting stick with a hot dog or a marshmallow.

Try some new fire-friendly recipes, bring some of the old favorites, and ALWAYS pack a little more than you think you’ll need. Nothing is worse than running out of food early.

Make sure to bring the appropriate materials to secure your food and waste so you don’t attract unwanted animals or pollute the environment we all enjoy.

Now What?

Now that you’ve read these night camping tips, you’ve got everything you need. Now go enjoy!

Contact the camping experts if you have any questions, or continue exploring our blog form more camping tips.

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