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6 Camping Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

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Ready to get out into the great outdoors? Are you really ready though? Because camping can be tough.

And you need to be prepared.

When camping gets challenging, you could use a little extra help. Getting back to nature goes a little more smoothly when you have some cool camping gadgets.

Try not to think of using camping gadgets as cheating

Maybe you’re a camping purist – pitching a tent deep in the woods far from civilization. Or perhaps your idea of camping is gathering friends and driving your cool teardrop campers to a place overlooking a lake or ocean.

Whatever the case, it can’t hurt to have at least a few of these gadgets around to make your camping experience more enjoyable.

1. A camp stove that charges your phone

It may sound far-fetched, but it’s a real thing.

You can buy a camp stove that doesn’t need gas, but rather cooks your meals using nothing but twigs or sticks that you collect. What’s even cooler is that it then uses the energy created from the fire to charge USB-chargeable devices.

Charge for about 20 minutes with the fire and you’ll get about 1 hour’s worth of talk time – give or take.

And at 2 pounds, it’s so easy to transport.

2. A rechargeable LED headlamp

Don’t be left in the dark.

There are a number of LED headlamps on the market now. Depending on the model, you’ll have the option of various brightness levels, an emergency strobe, red night vision, and lockout.

Some have the ability to provide long-range as well as wide-angle, close-in lighting. They can last up to 18 hours on one charge and can be recharged via USB.

In other words, you can plug it into the camp stove!

3. A backcountry tablet

Leave the iPad at home.

You need a tablet specially made for getting out into the woods. And now they exist. They work where smartphones and other tablets don’t.

These tablets have the latest in GPS, weather sensors, and radio communication technology. Plus, they have energy-saving screens for longer operation on one charge.

4. An all-in-one survival tool

A new camper may not consider the survival tool. But the most current survival tools can do things a Swiss Army knife could only dream of doing.

One of the newest tools comes with a LED light, 3 square-feet of aluminum foil, lifesaving tips and techniques, a compass button, combination knife, even a whistle and a sewing needle.

Plus, there are additional tools and features embedded in its modular design.

5. A mosquito repellent bracelet

If you’re sick of bug spray and the smell of citronella, you might start to consider camping in the winter.

If that’s not your thing, manufacturers now make mosquito repellent bracelets that use a natural ingredient called geraniol.

The bracelets are made with a porous micro fiber that slowly releases the geraniol to keep mosquitoes away for 120 hours.

6. A solar camp shower

Just because you’re roughing it – or, at the very least, not close to a shower – doesn’t mean you have to smell rough.

A compact camping shower is simply a bag that holds 5 gallons of water heated by the sun. You won’t get a long, hot shower, but you will be able to enjoy a warm and cleansing 8 minutes. And stay inoffensive.

So as you can see, investing in a few camping gadgets can make a huge difference.

Having some gadgets will allow you a relaxing trip where can get lost in yourself. But without them, you may end up on a stressful trip where you actually get lost.

Which gadget would you prefer? Let us know in the comment section below!



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