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7 Reasons Why Romantic Camping Is Where It’s At

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Whatever your idea of romance is, there’s no denying that an escape from our everyday lives can do wonders for injecting a little spark back into a relationship.

Taking some time away from your daily routine and planning a trip away from the comforts of home can go a long way to re-establishing a connection with your loved one.

Spending time in the great outdoors with a romantic camping trip may just be the spark you need to re-ignite a little passion in your relationship.

While camping may not your first choice for a romantic break, there are a number of ways this experience can test you, and bring you closer together!

Here are our top reasons why romantic camping is a great way to reconnect with your partner…

Re-Ignite Your Spark With Romantic Camping

First and foremost, the excitement around planning a romantic getaway will be a great starting point when looking to re-ignite a little passion in your relationship.

Just the idea of breaking away from the mundane routine of life can set you both up in the mood for love.

We get it, camping is not exactly the luxurious, romantic getaway that springs to mind when planning a few days away with your significant other.

But camping is a great way to determine how much you enjoy each other’s company, how well you work together and communicate.

All three of the above are fundamentals to any happy, long-term relationship!

With that being said, draw up your summer camp packing list, pack your bags and enjoy the pleasure of the great outdoors!

1. Unplug From Everyday Stress

Stress: the ultimate mood killer in any relationship, whether you’ve been married 10 years or dating for 10 months.

The reality is that everyday stress surrounds you in your home.

No matter how many weekend lie-ins or romcom movie nights you have, underlying stressors still lurk in the background.

A romantic camping trip actually forces both you and your loved to completely switch off and unplug from everyday stressors.

A camping trip should take you out of cell coverage, meaning you will have to physically communicate and re-connect with your loved one, without distraction.

2. Assess Your Team Work Skills

Hate to break it to you, but not even Bear Grylls goes camping completely alone! And there’s a good reason for it.

Camping is relatively demanding work – you will have to choose a good campsite together, erect a tent, prepare your meals with basic tools and more.

If anything, your romantic camping trip will show you how well you actually communicate and work together as a team.

Your camping trip can also point out strengths and weaknesses in one another, ultimately helping you to better understand your partner.

3. Learn Your Partner’s True Character

Depending on your level of camping and the length of your trip, spending time in the wilderness has a way of revealing one’s true character.

Being out of your comfort zone, exposure to cold, hunger, physical and mental fatigue are all elements which show who you really are, at your core.

If your romantic camping trip is longer than a weekend, some of these qualities may reveal themselves in time.

Having the chance to see how your partner handles uncomfortable situations can help you to gauge whether they are your ideal partner or not.

4. An Affordable Vacation Alternative

Financial stress is yet another killer for any relationship.

Planning a romantic camping trip bears very little financial burden when compared to a luxurious resort getaway. This takes a lot of pressure off your planning process.

This way, you can create a budget that fits in with your finances, and then truly enjoy yourselves without the weight of holiday debt looming over your shoulder!

5. Get To Know Each Other in Private

When it comes to the great outdoors, you have access to all the privacy you could wish for.

Some couples may find this prospect daunting, but being truly alone, just the two of you, is a wonderful way to get to know your partner again.

Without the distraction of children, cell phones, laptops, and TV, you will only have each other for entertainment.

This is the best time to unwind and relax with your partner by your side, learning to appreciate and understand who they are, all over again.

6. Gain An Appreciation of the Simple Things

When all your creature comforts of home are removed, this is where real appreciation for the small things in life really come to the fore.

To add to this, our everyday lives are so focused on responsibilities that daily appreciation of your partner tends to become an after-thought.

When all these day-to-day pressures and conveniences are removed, you’ll be left with the simple things, which really are the most meaningful in life.

A shooting star, a warm mug of cocoa, a loving cuddle, a colorful sunset – these are the simple things you’ll find on a romantic camping trip.

And it’s these simple things which will help to remind you of the importance of appreciation for both your partner and blessings in life.

7. Be Reminded of Why You Love Each Other

All of the above factors should conspire to work together to show you just why you love your partner in the first place.

When you are removed from your daily routine, your everyday comforts and thrown into an unknown situation, it can either drive you together or apart.

A camping trip leaves the two of you completely alone together, faced with either of these two choices.

Hopefully, it will only bring you closer together!

Preparing For Your Camping Trip

Your camping trip really doesn’t need to be a hard slog.

Nowadays there are plenty of camping accessories and conveniences which can be brought along to make it all the more romantic. To ensure you are well fed throughout your trip, draw up a day-by-day meal plan and shop appropriately.

Don’t forget to pack camping utensils such as a multi-use pot, pan, sharp knife, spatula, tongs, rubbish bags, foil, cooking oil and spices.

Not keen to sleep on a hard, cold floor? Why would you be!

Sleep nice and easy with an air mattress, an old comforter from home and don’t be ashamed to bring your own pillow.

Make it double-romantic with a string of battery-operated fairy lights strewn from your tent roof!

Some other camping essentials include: camping chairs, a small camping table, a tablecloth, candles or solar-powered lights, wine glasses, and a small speaker for music.

Plan Your Camp Trip With Going Camping

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Going have it all, visit our website for everything you need to know for your next camping trip!

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