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The 8 Best Campgrounds In Colorado For Your Family

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When you’re going camping with your family, it’s nice to have options.

And the best campgrounds in Colorado offer just that, variety.

It’s all thanks to the diverse landscape of Colorado which makes it possible to see so many different sights all in one state.

The geography includes both Rocky Mountain terrain (pun intended), rolling plains, towering rock formations, and even desert sand dunes. In Colorado alone, there are hundreds of Rocky Mountain peaks and are home to 11 national forests.

And nestled in some of these national forests are some of the best campgrounds in Colorado. In this post, we’ll introduce you to eight of the best campgrounds in Colorado to take your family for a vacation in the great outdoors.

1. Saddlehorn Campground

Colorado National Monument

Saddlehorn is definitely one of the best campgrounds in Colorado with unique forests and rock sculptures.

Located near Grand Junction, this campground is a hotspot for outdoor enthusiasts trying to blaze a new trail. The trails traverse through wooded forests, along with rock formations, and even the Colorado National Monument.

The location of this campground is perfect for setting up base camp before taking off to explore the exquisite vistas of the Colorado Monument. The hiking trails vary in length, making it an ideal spot for families with kids of different ages.

2. Bear Lake Campground

Sangre de Cristo Mountains

Of all the best campgrounds in Colorado, this one is kind of out of the way. It’s located near the southern edge of the state and has the Sangre de Cristo Mountains provide a stunning backdrop.

The mountains also border a spruce and fir tree forest. This forest eventually gives way to the open grasslands leading up to Bear Lake itself. This campground is ideal for any family wanting to pitch a tent for a few nights.

The campground is also hidden away in a wooded area of its own. The campground also provides various hiking trails within a short distance of the campground. This area is also great for fishing, so don’t forget to bring your tackle!

3. Cold Springs Campground

Routt National Forest

If you’re looking for a campground off the beaten path, this is your spot. This car campsite takes a little longer to get to than most campsites, but the reward is quiet solitude.

One of the most northerly of the campgrounds in Colorado, Cold Springs has a backdrop of a breathtaking ridgeline that towers 11,000 feet high. The campsite also features a good selection of different trailheads to start your outdoor adventures.

4. North Rim Campground

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

If you want one of the best campgrounds in Colorado for taking family photographs, this is your spot.

The Black Canyon cuts deep and narrow into the land and you need to see it for yourself. The campground is scenic in itself, too. It sits on the edge of the rim, nestled in an ancient forest.

This campground also offers a different type of view found at other locations across the state. Instead of looking up to see towering mountains and rock formations, you get to gaze down into a 2,000 canyon. Hike along the gorge itself to fully appreciate its beauty!

5. The Crags Campground

Colorado State Forest

The Colorado State Forest is often less popular than its the next door Rocky Mountain National Park. But despite this, it still has breathtaking views to take in.

Located at the southern edge of the forest, it’s tucked away under rocky peaks. The campsite is small, so you won’t be sharing the forest with too many neighbors. Wildlife also thrives in this area so be on the lookout.

This campsite is also a jumping off point for scrambling up the Nokhu Crags. You also have the option to trek over the nearby chain of 12,00 foot-high mountain peaks. When you’re done hiking for the day, cast your reel and relax next to the nearby lake.

6. Mueller State Park Campground

Pike National Forest

This campground is a popular destination and for good reason. The Pike National Forest is comprised of thousands upon thousands of acres of conifer and aspen forests.

These forests are home to a diverse collection of wildlife including black bear, fox, hundreds of different types of birds, and even elk. To the east, you’ll find the infamous Pikes Peak. This campsite also offers hundreds of miles of hiking trails.

7. Long Draw Campground

Roosevelt National Forest

If you’re in the Fort Collins area, go west a ways until you come to this gem of a campground.

Located 10,000 feet above sea level, this place offers a great opportunity for you and your family to beat the summer heat. The campsites are in a wooded area that provides both privacy and protection from the sun.

Hiking trails are nearby, as is the Long Draw Reservoir and a couple of creeks. Boats without motors are allowed on the reservoir.

8. Camping in Luxury

If you and your family are ready for a break from roughing it in the great outdoors, it’s okay to treat yourselves to a spa day.

Colorado has a variety of hotels, resorts, and spas to stay in and soak your feet after kicking off your hiking shoes. Here are some popular and affordable options, as well as some long-term options:

After spending a summer camping in the various Colorado terrains, your kids will be screaming at you until you start making plans for next summer.

Setting Up the Best Campgrounds in Colorado

Now that you have a destination in mind, it’s time to start packing! Are you prepared to take your family on their next adventure? Check out our blog for more Camping Tips!

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