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Cool Camping Gear from Small Businesses

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Small business brands are making cool camping gear that is creative, affordable and efficient. Strangely, avid outdoors people don’t know about these products. That’s because the big companies are dominating the camping equipment market.

Though small companies struggle against the big ones, they can find ways to compete. Some of those ways include:

  • delivering great innovations and solutions to the industry
  • tapping into niche markets
  • connecting with their audience and providing great customer service
  • attracting the best employees

Products from these small brands are solving some of the common mistakes of new campers. But they are also going a step further by offering a new lifestyle.

Read on to learn more!

Small Businesses With Cool Camping Gear

For a long time, customers seeking cool camping gear would always go to one of the big brands. They include companies like The North Face, Patagonia, Marmot, and the Timberland Company. New outdoor gear companies are satisfying a different end of the market.

Trademark registration companies like Igerent can help small brands protect their young businesses. Such companies prevent third parties from selling products or services that match yours. They empower you to take legal action against those who might steal your ideas.

Below is a quick look at the smaller brands in the outdoors industry.


LifeStraw’s goal is to “make contaminated water safe to drink”. They use various tech innovations to filter waterborne bacteria and parasites. It is useful when hiking, camping, or in emergencies.

The most common product is the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter. Drink water from lakes and streams by putting one end in the water and sucking on the other end.

Western Rise

Western Rise is an outdoor apparel company. The owners feel that traditional clothes are restrictive. Thus, they created beautiful yet functional clothes. They use high-performance fabrics with great designs.

Items on offer include shorts, denim shirts, and rivet pants made from nylon canvas. You can also customize the clothes.

Enlightened Equipment

Enlightened Equipment is another company selling cool camping gear. They make ultralight products such as quilts, sleeping bags, and apparel. They also provide insulated accessories.

Yama Mountain Gear

This company designs shelter systems, tarps, and tents. Their products are lightweight and minimalistic. Yet, they are very strong and functional. They withstand different types of outdoor weather conditions.

Hammock Gear

Hammock Gear provides hammock insulation and hammock camping accessories. Their products include hammocks, quilts, hookworms, and buckles. Their under quilts make it easier to stay warm during cold weather.

Luxe Outdoors

This company deals with tents, tarps, sleeping bags, rain chaps, zip bags, hiking poles, seam sealers, and reflective rope. It’s a one-stop solution to many camping needs.

Cilo Gear

Cilo Gear offers great bags for various outdoor activities. There are hiking, traveling, climbing, and biking bags. These bags are lightweight and come with added accessories.

Some accessories include repair kits, pouches, pockets, and rope catchers. They also offer duffel bags for transporting heavier loads.

Learn More About Camping

People avoid buying products from small businesses because it looks risky. After all, diverse and quality options are available from the big brands. What small companies making cool camping gear need is a chance to impress you.

Small companies are offering greater innovations and solution-driven products at an affordable price.

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