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How Portable Ultrasound is Changing Healthcare

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Ultrasound has had a profound effect on the way doctors can monitor and diagnose health problems. For years it has been a common instrument used to track a woman’s pregnancy and discover any issues with unborn children. But it can also be used in the detection of issues such as kidney stones or abnormalities that indicate possible cancer.

Like so many other devices, technological advances have now made these devices smaller. Now, a portable ultrasound is becoming a common tool used in many areas of the healthcare profession. These machines are also called point-of-care devices.

They deliver imaging technology based on the idea of a traditional ultrasound. However, they are much more compact and can help offices and hospitals streamline the diagnoses process.

This technology allows for a level of convenience that was unavailable with larger machines. By incorporating point-of-care ultrasounds, doctors and hospitals are able to provide a level of care never seen before. The benefits are becoming very apparent.

Portable Ultrasound is Changing the Diagnoses Process

Detecting a health issue quickly and correctly is one of the most critical factors in treating illness. Time is against the patient and doctor in many cases. In the past, general radiology procedures have been used to look inside the body to detect problems.

Portable ultrasound devices are now being used for more targeted and quick diagnoses and treatment. This type of procedure allows for a much more focused image of an area. It can also be done at the patient’s bedside.

In addition to a more targeted image, point-of-care ultrasound has eliminated long wait times. Doctors and patients rely less on a lab to produce the results. This has sped up the diagnoses process dramatically.

Ease of use is another way these devices are changing the game. Now, even nurses and technicians are able to operate and administer portable ultrasound. Just another way a hospital can streamline the diagnoses process.

New Features Bring New Possibilities

Portable ultrasound units are also being designed with other valuable features. These features are helping doctors pinpoint health issues much more effectively. A more accurate diagnosis results in quicker and more appropriate treatment.

Higher image quality is a huge benefit in the diagnoses process. A sharper image resolution gives doctors a better look at potential issues. What once may have been an undetectable problem is now easily diagnosed with high-quality imaging.

The ease of use that portable ultrasound provides has led to crucial, quick diagnoses in the case of emergencies. A portable ultrasound can serve as an invaluable resource when detecting life threatening heart or lung problems.

Recent advances have produced what are called transesophageal transducers. These devices have the ability to be passed through the esophagus in order to take pictures of the heart. This capability gives an up-close picture of potentially life-threatening issues.

This type of technology continues to advance and provide more solutions to patients and doctors. It’s important for doctors to have up-to-date knowledge of what is out there.

Lower Costs

The high cost of healthcare is a big issue, especially in America. Without health insurance, the cost of simply diagnosing a health issue can send a person into debt.

However, advancement in ultrasound technology can cause an overall decrease in a patient’s bill. New mobile devices are being developed at a lower cost. The convenience and availability are causing the cost of diagnoses to drop.

Point-of-care devices cut down on the added high cost of lab processing. By providing an immediate result, they minimize the resources needed to diagnose a disorder. This allows a patient to more quickly know if treatment is needed.

Reaching More People in Need

Mobile ultrasound is allowing doctors to provide care in remote areas where resources are scarce. Because of a lack of money or harsh geography, many regions still don’t have proper health facilities. This should not be a problem with today’s healthcare resources.

Now, doctors are able to bring portable ultrasound devices to impoverished regions. Their size and ease of use allow for easy and quick diagnoses in hard to reach areas. Care can now be given to people who formerly went without it.

Many of these regions only have access to outdated medical technology. Using equipment that is 30 years old puts the doctors at a great disadvantage. Portable ultrasound allows better technology to be brought to people in need.

A More Streamlined Process

The increase in mobile healthcare technology has caused an overall integration in the healthcare process. In the past, a single imaging machine was relied upon for an entire hospital. Now many smaller machines are being purchased at lower cost and are available for use in one location.

These smaller units require much less storage space. They are also able to be moved easily from room to room. The overall effectiveness is helping streamline the diagnoses and treatment process in hospitals.

More and more, patients want to be a part of their treatment process. These devices allow for patients to have an interactive connection with their diagnoses. They also allow doctors to interact and engage with the patient during the process.

Anesthesiologists are using ultrasound to more precisely gauge needle injections. They can also use this technology to guide the injection.

The overall process in hospitals and private offices has been greatly streamlined by the use of mobile ultrasound. Doctors are seeing higher efficiency in their staff and greater patient satisfaction.

Portable Ultrasound Solutions

Mobile ultrasound devices are becoming more popular every year. Their ability to provide effective healthcare solutions have been proven. The ease of use and cost benefits make them essential for every practice.

It’s important that medical teams have the most up-to-date equipment and technology. You can’t afford to be behind the curve when it comes to providing quality care.

Enterprise Ultrasound has been providing solutions to clients for close to a decade. We supply new, used and refurbished machines and probes to doctors and hospitals in need of newer healthcare technology. Contact us to discuss your options.


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