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Have a Rockin’ Camping Kitchen (Even If You Aren’t Martha Stewart)

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The word alone evokes hundreds of feelings. The smell of the fresh air, the sounds of the forest, the stillness of the night sky…

The charred ash of an incinerated hot dog cooked over a campfire…

For too many people, camping is synonymous to bad cooking experiences. After all, camping is all about roughin’ it, right? And what’s more rustic than burning your meals to a crisp over a roaring fire?

Not necessarily. Just because you’re spending time in the great outdoors, that doesn’t mean your cooking needs to take a hit.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at how you can put together the best camping kitchen so that you can eat like a king even if you’re sleeping in the woods.

B.Y.O. Stove

For many of us, camp food involves little more than a fire and a stick. But we can do much, much better than that.

Abandoning the campfire might seemĀ outrageous to some. But if you’re going to upgrade your camping kitchen, you’re going to want to invest in a portable camping stove.

Most of these run off propane, which burns clean, so you don’t have to worry about poisoning the atmosphere.

A portable camping stove makes it easy to replicate your kitchen skills at the campsite. No camping kitchen is complete without one.

Don’t Forget the Pans

Can we all agree that the stick should not be the be-all-end-all of camp cooking?

It’s fine for weenies and marshmallows, but if you want to up your camp game, you need to pack a little heavier. You’re going to need to bring some pans.

Fry food over the fire or boil water and make a delicious camping pasta or stew.

Cast iron pansĀ are the best choice for camp cooking because they are durable and easy to use. Even without a gas camping stove, just lay a grate over the fire pit and use the cast iron pan on a makeshift range.

Just don’t forget to wrap the handle in a towel or use an oven mitt before you pick it up.

Water is Life

You’re sure to come across freshwater streams as you’re hiking. But it’s hard to be sure that that water is good enough to drink or cook with.

Be sure to stock your camping kitchen with plenty of clean water. Use it to wash vegetables, boil food, or clean dishes. And yes, drink.

If you’re really hardcore, you can even bring along a portable sink.

Skip the Disposables

When you’re camping, you want to pack light. And it can be really tempting to save that weight by packing disposable plates and silverware.

But plastic silverware and paper plates can have a damaging effect on the environment.

If we’re going to save Earth human impact has to be minimized.

Bring reusable kitchenware. The environment will thank you.

Camp Better with a Camping Kitchen

Ready to say goodbye to bad cooking’s domination of the camping experience? Pick up these camping kitchen basics, and start camping better!


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Have a Rockin’ Camping Kitchen (Even If You Aren’t Martha Stewart)
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