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Top 10 Beachfront Camping Spots

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Are you among the 46 million Americans who love to go camping?

There’s no doubt that camping provides a welcome (and literal) breath of fresh air. Nothing makes your worries fade away like sitting beside a pristine stream and enjoying the nature around you.

Although forests, mountains, and national parks are popular places for camping, they’re not the only options. Beachfront camping is also experiencing an explosion in popularity.

We all love the beach, right?

And since 81% of people say their main goal while camping is to spend time with family and friends, what better place to do so than on a beautiful sandy beach?

In this post, we’ll reveal the top ten beachfront camping sites in America. Read on to discover the perfect place for your next camping trip!

Finding The Perfect Beachfront Camping Destination

If you’re thinking of finding the perfect beachfront camping destination, start with these ten options:

1. Islamorada, Florida

If you envision palm trees and crystal clear waters, look no farther than the famed Florida Keys. A chain of islands that stretches over 120 miles past the southern tip of Florida, the Keys offer postcard-perfect views from each of its beautiful islands.

For the ultimate “glamping” experience, head to Islamorada, situated about halfway between Miami and Key West. Here you’ll find infinity pools, hundreds of full hook-up sites, a boardwalk, and plenty of friendly locals.

For avid fishermen, Islamorada is one of the world’s premier sportfishing destinations. The coral reefs located just offshore are also the perfect place to try out your Ninja Shark snorkeling equipment.

2. Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

At the bottom of North Carolina’s Outer Banks, you’ll find a sandy, 16-mile long barrier island.

Located 23 miles from the mainland, Ocracoke Island is only accessible via private plane or ferry boat. Since it belongs to the National Park Service, its long stretches of sandy beaches are clean and unspoiled.

History lovers will enjoy exploring Ocracoke Village, with shops and restaurants dating back to the 1880s. The island also boasts a majestic lighthouse that’s stood in the same location since 1823.

3. Harbor Islands, Massachusetts

What if you live in the Boston area and don’t have time for an extended getaway?

No problem. Pitch your tent under the stars and enjoy the Boston skyline from the nearby Harbor Islands. During the summer months, you can enjoy beachfront camping on Lovells, Grape, Peddocks, and Bumpkin Islands.

These little islands are a popular destination, though, so be sure to make your reservations early! Then you can indulge in some campfire cooking while you enjoy the local wildlife, tide pools, and city views.

4. Black Sand Beach, Alaska

Do your beachfront camping dreams feature glaciers instead of palm trees?

If so, pack your camping gear and head north to Alaska’s Black Sand Beach. Located in Prince William Sound, the only way to reach this beach is via sea kayak!

Why go through all that effort? One look at the pristine waters, glaciers, and mountains that surround you, and you’ll understand.

Better yet, the area is relatively protected from the elements, so you can sleep comfortably at night and enjoy plenty of fun activities during the day.

5. Assateague Island, Maryland

How does 37 miles of beach with herds of wild horses roaming around sound to you?

Beachfront camping on Maryland’s Assateague Island is a treat for any nature lover. The protected seashore is home to hundreds of wild horses and is a common nesting site for bald eagles.

You’ll find over 300 campsites on the Maryland side of the island (camping is not allowed on the Virginia side). During the day, you can enjoy everything from paddleboarding and bird watching to crabbing and fishing.

6. Patrick’s Point State Park, California

If the West Coast is more your speed, head to Patrick’s Point State Park in northern California.

Located on a tall coastal bluff, the park features 135 campsites and steep trails that meander down to the sea. There are also over 600 acres dedicated to day use for hiking and biking.

If you’re interested in Native American history, you’ll love the replica of Sumeg Village. Here you can see and experience how this tribe once lived.

7. Bird Island Basin, Texas

Not surprisingly, the giant state of Texas offers plenty of coastline with ample camping opportunities.

Our favorite is Bird Island Basin, located on the Laguna Madre just outside Corpus Christi. It’s a great place for both RV and tent camping. Boaters and windsurfing enthusiasts will be in heaven in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Another bonus? No reservations are required, so it’s perfect for a last-minute getaway.

8. Olympic National Park, Washington

Want the best of both worlds?

You’ll love the combination of beautiful ocean views and dense forests along the Second Beach Trail in Olympic National Park. The weather is obviously warmest during the summer months, but that’s not the peak season here.

The best time of year to camp is either the spring or the autumn when you have the best chance of spotting whales as they migrate along the coast.

9. Wai’anapanapa State Park, Hawaii

If you’re craving something a little more exotic, Wai’anapanapa State Park on the island of Maui ought to do the trick.

Pitch your tent on a volcanic black-sand beach and enjoy the local bird colonies. Marvel at the sea caves, natural stone archways, and Hala tree forests. There’s also an ancient Hawaiian religious temple to explore.

Understandably, these campsites fill up fast, so be sure to reserve yours early!

10. Point Reyes National Seashore, California

The final destination on our beachfront camping list is Point Reyes National Seashore, arguably one of the prettiest stretches of beach in the nation.

The park features four hike-in campgrounds, as well as a series of beachfront campgrounds that can only be accessed by boat.

One important note: These campsites are for tents only, as there’s no car or RV camping permitted.

Ready for Some Beachfront Camping?

So, which of these places on our Top 10 list did you like best?

Whatever area appeals to you most, you’re sure to enjoy your beachfront camping trip.

Looking for more helpful camping advice? Check out our latest camping tips to ensure you’re prepared for your upcoming vacation.

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