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Top 5 Places to Hunt and Camp in the South

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In the USA, there are over 100 campgrounds run by the National Park Service and hundreds more that are independently operated. Some are more restrictive than others, there are thousands of acres of great campgrounds for fishing, hunting, and camping. Looking for great places to hunt and camp can be a challenge but there are some fantastic options.

Hunting can be a great and sustainable way to eat while you’re on a journey. It can also be a family tradition to pass down from parents to children. It will connect them to nature and give them memories to pass on for years.

No matter what kind of game you’re in to, deciding on a place to fish, hunt, and camp can be challenging with so many options. Here are the top 5 places in the south to consider.

1. Alabama and Tombigbee River Systems

If you’re a big fisher, this is the place to go. You’ll find lots of crappies that could bring in some serious catches. If you’ve never caught a fish 15 inches wide, this is the place to do it.

If you’d prefer to hunt, there’s plenty of small game to go around in this area. Check out the seasonal hunting restrictions to make sure you’re within the limits of the law when you go out. Southwest Alabama has a great deer season.

2. Eastern Arkansas

For campers who like to hunt birds, eastern Arkansas is the place to go. Migration patterns show that Specklebellies have moved closer to rice harvesting area of eastern Arkansas. Make sure you bring the best hunting gear for this kind of adventure.

You’ll also find some great bass fishing in this area, so don’t leave your fishing gear at home.

3. Tampa Bay Wildlife Management Areas

There’s some great wild hog to be hunted in the Tampa area. There are maybe three times as many hogs in this area than you’ll find in other parts of Florida. Every year, hunters catch record-breaking wild hogs in these Wildlife Management Areas.

This area is second only to Texas hog hunting for some great swine hunting.

4. Georgia’s Satilla River

For some of the bream catching in the south, the Satilla River is where you need to go. Bream are a tasty freshwater fish that is unique to just a few different areas. You’ll also be able to catch bluegill and redbreast sunfish in this area.

There’s lots of great open ground to set up camp in and catch small game.

5. Mississippi Alluvial Valley

If you like to hunt small birds, this is the spot to catch a great woodcock or timberdoodle. Small bird hunting takes some time, so set up your camp and get to know the lay of the land and you’ll be sure to be able to bring home a bagful.

There’s some great fishing in this area, as you might imagine being so close to the river.

Hunt And Camp In The Best Places In The South

Be aware of seasonal changes, local laws, and bring the right equipment to ensure you have the best hunting and camping trip possible. Take a trip to somewhere you’ve never been before and you might find a new favorite camping spot.

If you’re still deciding on a destination for your next hunting and camping trip, check out our list of dream camping locales for more ideas.

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